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Halloween In-Game Costume Contest

Elven Chaos / Sep 13, 2019
Yeehaw Shenanigans is having an in-game costume contest for all members! Dress up any one of your characters and show off your creation on Monday, October 28th 2019. The guidelines for the event are below, though are subject to change at any time.


Round 1:
Each judge will assign points for each category. The top 5 contestants with the highest composite scores will advance to the second round.

  • Creativity [Scale of 1-4 points per judge] - How well the costume as a whole differs from the standard medieval/steam-punk/grundge look Guild Wars 2 has OR how well the look matches a particular non-player character.
  • Ensemble [Scale of 1-4 points per judge] - How well the pieces and the colors work together to create the end result.

Round 2:
Participants who did not advance to the second round, as well as any guild members who are just observing, will vote on their favorite costume.

Participants will receive as many points as they get votes.

Round 3:
A final composite score is made from the judges scores and the points earned from the votes for each of the round 2 contestants.
The top three winners of the competition are decided based on the final scores.
Judges will vote to break any ties.

Your Judges:
  • Bear
  • Trixx
  • Elven

  1. No outfits - Must be made with pieces only.
  2. Gem store pieces can only make up half of your attire.
  3. Weapons, headpieces, gloves, and backpieces are considered part of your attire if they are showing. You may hide or unequip these items if you wish.
  4. Pets and Miniatures are to be hidden and will not be considered part of the costume.
  5. You will be given a platform to speak a few words about what your costume is and any inspiration and/or struggles you had with it. Keep it concise.
  6. You will be expected to ping all pieces that make up your costume when the judges ask.
  7. Character traits (such as race, height, hair, skin tone, etc.), character names, and titles will not count against you.
  8. Participation in the event requires attendance at the time and place dictated by the guild. E-submissions not accepted. [Monday October 28, 2019 after guild missions.]
  9. No Ronald McDonald. We see enough of that guild with the Ronalds already.


The prizes are:
  1. Choice of dagger, focus, rifle, shield, or shortbow Defiant Glass skin. You also will get 50 mystic coins.
  2. Choice of dye from trading post worth up to 100 gold.
  3. Choice of 2-week lounge pass from gem store. You also will get 250 ectos.
First place winner gets the first choice of prize, then second place gets second choice, and lastly third place gets third choice.
Prizes will be awarded as soon as winners are announced.

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