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We get a lot of questions about what people have to do to move to another rank. Let's break them all down.

Everyone starts as a recruit. Recruits do not have many privileges. Most members, officers, and leaders do not know them.

Members have moved up in status because they participate, either socially or in-game. Officers and leaders have noted their appearance in discord calls, trains, missions, fractals, and other guild events. Even activity in guild chat can help you get noticed and considered a part of the guild. Members are able to access the guild stash to withdraw any items they'd like to use for crafting, any dyes others have donated, and whatnot. Please do not abuse this privilege.

Recruiters have shown initiative in recruiting during trains and as such have been given permission to view recruitment ads on discord servers and the ability to recruit new members.

Master of Chaos
We only have two MoCs: Misaka and Solace. They were big parts of the guild's founding and are essentially our not-officers. Some of the privileges, none of the commitment. They're able to assist in server stuff, and Misaka is the guild's official scribe.

Junior Officer
Junior Officers have been hand-picked by leaders for showing initiative, an attitude we like, friendliness, and a decent measure of level-headedness. They are in their trial period on their way to the Officer role. This trial period consists of running events (which may change), recruiting, possibly helping run trains and other events, and moderating servers.
To be perfectly honest, we don't like people asking for positions of power. Show us that you want to be a part of our growing guild and that you want to help build it bigger, better, and stronger.
Any junior officer showing a likeliness to seriously abuse their power or status, a propensity for lying, who steals anything from the guild, or who crumbles under the pressure will be returned to member status.

Officers have made it through the Junior Officer trials. They have an event that they run, they help with other events when necessary or able, they recruit new members, set the ranks of those below them, moderate, and have voting power in the forming of new policies and the advancement of other members. A unanimous vote of YES must be reached by all current officers (who can be contacted) and leaders in order for a new officer to be advanced. This is to help prevent hostility and other issues in leadership which become issues in other guilds.

Leaders have the final say. We are the founding members of the guild. We have picked our first officer (Trixx), set the rules, created and organized the servers, enforced rules, and we regularly kick inactives. We do our best to be the sociable, well-known faces and voices of the guild. While not all of us can be reached all the time, we and the officers are here to help. Any issues with another person in the guild (especially an officer or junior officer) should be brought to the attention of a leader.

Hiatus members have notified a Leader or Officer that they will be gone for an extended or unknown period of time. They will not be kicked for inactivity (we kick members after 1 month of not logging on).
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