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Bear Empress / Feb 28, 2020

Recently we have picked up a dedicated WvW server and as of Sunday will be implementing a new schedule.Yeehaw Shenanigans' new WvW home is Gates of Madness, but if you already have a dedicated WvW guild, please feel free to stay with them! We don'...

Bear Empress / Jan 31, 2020

Hello, all!Some of you may know that YS is coming up on its first anniversary! In October, we celebrated six months with a costume contest and our first guild meeting. On April 28th, Yeehaw Shenanigans officially turns a whole year old. How exciti...

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by Bear Empress on Aug 20, 2019 at 02:44 AM
We get a lot of questions about what people have to do to move to another rank. Let's break them all down.RecruitEveryone starts as a recruit. Recruits do not have many privileges. Most members, officers, and leaders do not know them.MemberMembers... Read More