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Bear Empress / Jan 31, 2020

Hello, all!Some of you may know that YS is coming up on its first anniversary! In October, we celebrated six months with a costume contest and our first guild meeting. On April 28th, Yeehaw Shenanigans officially turns a whole year old. How exciti...

Elven Chaos / Sep 13, 2019

Yeehaw Shenanigans is having an in-game costume contest for all members! Dress up any one of your characters and show off your creation on Monday, October 28th 2019. The guidelines for the event are below, though are subject to change at any time....

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by Bear Empress on Aug 20, 2019 at 02:44 AM
We get a lot of questions about what people have to do to move to another rank. Let's break them all down.RecruitEveryone starts as a recruit. Recruits do not have many privileges. Most members, officers, and leaders do not know them.MemberMembers... Read More